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William Spear Recently, within the United States, the space domain has shifted from being government-run through the U.S. Space Force to the private sector. This means companies like SpaceX, Virgin Orbit, and Blue Origin can take part in what some are calling the second space race. Putting aside the debate on what privatization will do for efficiency and productivity, one profound effect commercialization is having on the space domain is in the realm of aesthetics.
Raymond LeClair The Bauxite Mines (1942), mural by Julius Woeltz for the U.S. Post Office in Benton, Arkansas Homer, The Iliad, Book XII, line 493. Bryant’s translation. We are living in what some call a Golden Age of genome engineering. It is now possible for researchers to read DNA sequences, and then directly modify existing DNA sequences to investigate gene function, or create new DNA sequences to synthesize novel biological systems. The technology for these advances have rapidly matured during the last decade.
What Are Smart Contracts? Smart contracts are programs written on the blockchain that self-execute when certain conditions are met. They use code to define and enforce the rules of the…